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Creative Producer with over 15-years experience.

Calm, collaborative, occasionally funny.

Based in London, works worldwide.

I thrive on building strong, long-lasting & meaningful relationships with directors, creatives, agencies and production partners, always striving to get the best end-product on screen. I love and obsess over the process.

Extensive experience working both in-house & freelance in all areas of production, from bidding and storyboarding through to post production & delivery.

Produced in both the traditional advertising model as well as direct to agencies & clients.

I continue to push, aspiring to produce work that resonates, that entertains, that evokes.

Manchester > Abu Dhabi > London

Producer Dave Birchall with Director Ben Jones


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diary phone  +44 (0)20 8960 7005


mobile          +44 (0)7912 898797

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